From past to present

Our family know-how has been passed on for four generations, respecting the traditions of the Champagne region and the values of Maison Delavenne.

For many years our family has been environmentally conscious, and we deeply care about the quality of the terroir that we will pass on to our children. This is why we practice a reasoned viticulture and have now embarked in a process of organic certification that will span our entire vineyard.

Our champagne reflects its terroir and the love of the men and women who have patiently made it...

We are « récoltants-manipulants ». You can recognize it by the RM marking on our labels.

This appellation, a guarantee of independence, allows us to control all stages in the production of our wines. As owners, we work on our own vineyards, we harvest the grapes exclusively from our own vines, and press them on the property, in our family-owned press. We vinify our production in our cellars, and we directly market our champagnes and our Bouzy Rouge.

Close to our vines, we are in control of the quality of our production.

Throughout the year, the vineyards of Champagne require a demanding daily work. Pruning, tying, trellising and trimming are the heart of our work; they are mostly done manually. This work is essential for the proper control of the vine's growth and allows it to give its best.

It is essential for us to respect what nature offers us.

Harvesting is exclusively done by hand, allowing us to select the most beautiful bunches of grapes for our champagnes. The pressing is carried out immediately afterwards, vintage by vintage and variety by variety, in the family-owned press on the property.

The juices are identified and put in vats separately to allow them to reveal their own qualities. These will be used in the blending process, carried out with passion and know-how by Jean-Christophe Delavenne.

Passed on from generation to generation, our family know-how respects the Champagne tradition while combining techniques specific to our Maison, in order to offer you champagnes with character.

Since always, we have never carried out the malolactic fermentation. This technical choice, which brings freshness and length in the mouth to our Champagnes, is demanding. We therefore pay particular attention to the vinification process to ensure complete control.

We let our wines evolve in the vat as naturally as possible. This natural winemaking process is long and delicate. It requires impeccable hygiene, daily monitoring, and a lot of patience. The wine is only bottled in July to give the wines time to rest for nine months between the harvest and the bottling process.

A long ageing in our natural chalk cellars allows to shape a fine bubble and reveals the richness of the aromas (30 months minimum for Original 60/40, our Brut Tradition, and 48 months minimum for Reflet, our Brut Millésimé). All our Cuvées are therefore ready to be tasted as soon as they are released.

We work according to the principles of our Appellation, which guarantees the authenticity of a world-renown know-how.